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  • Jozef White

Harmonizing Dialectics of the Will

At The Tabula Rasa Record Company, we strive to transcend a mere passion for music. We continuously explore and integrate the most powerful and compelling ideas, and consider how they may be useful for understanding our place in an ever changing conceptual landscape. The philosophy of Arthur Schopenhauer—an influential, and at times controversial German thinker outlays his conception of the ‘Will,’ which profoundly resonates with our work. The Will, as Schopenhauer perceived it, embodies an unending, restless force propelling our existence—an idea which harmonizes impeccably with the ceaseless quest that marks our journey into electronic music.

The philosophy of Schopenhauer assigns music a unique place among the arts. Music, in its essence, doesn't just depict the world—it encapsulates the raw emotions and desires that constitute our reality. It is a direct reflection of the Will, resonating on a level more personal and immediate than any other form of art. True of music in general, but perhaps more pronounced and explicit in electronic music, we discover an untamed playground for the Will's expressions—a domain for endless sound exploration, a relentless pursuit of innovation.

The rise and trajectory of experimental electronic music validates this perspective to a large extent. The genre’s audacious departure from traditional rhythms and harmonies echoes the fundamental tenets of Schopenhauer's philosophy—particularly the conflict and contradiction inherent in the Will. Every experimental rhythm, distortion, interference, and all of the layers that can lead some listeners to wonder things like, "how is this music," represent the ceaseless search for novelty within the repetition of existence.

We perceive The Tabula Rasa Record Company as more than a conventional music label. We aim to be curators of the human condition, channeling these metaphysical insights through the pulsating energy and unpredictable nature of electronic music. By doing so, we inspire listeners to confront their desires, feelings, and the incessant striving that forms their existence. Our company stands as a testament to Schopenhauer's belief in the transformative power of music—a harmonious echo to the ceaseless reaching forward into the abyss which constitutes our lived experience.

Navigating the landscape of intellectual property (IP) rights within the music industry presents a challenging yet intriguing venture. As we at The Tabula Rasa Record Company curate and distribute pioneering electronic music, we also embrace a pioneering stance on the evolving nature of IP laws. This innovative spirit encourages us to question and reevaluate the boundaries of intellectual property, particularly in the realm of electronic music.

The complexity of IP laws can serve as a double-edged sword—protecting creative rights, yet simultaneously constraining the experimental spirit that forms the lifeblood of music. This tension is particularly acute within the electronic music domain, where remix culture and extensive sampling often invite intricate copyright issues.

Rather than perceiving these challenges as roadblocks, we regard them as opportunities for exploration and innovation. We've begun experimenting with alternative IP frameworks, integrating open-source principles into our operations, and introducing concepts like "copyleft" licenses. These licenses allow for the free distribution of copyrighted work, provided any resulting music is shared under the same terms.

Artists are encouraged to sample and create derivative works freely, fostering a dynamic of collective growth that reflects the communal evolution of electronic music culture. We strive to redefine the conventional boundaries of intellectual property rights in order to fuel the ceaseless striving for novelty inherent in creators.

The commitment we have to this project extends far beyond the label itself. The Tabula Rasa Record Company aspires to be a platform which respects the fundamental rights of original creators, while promoting intellectual and creative liberties. In doing so, we continue to challenge the accepted norms and pioneer the evolution of IP conventions, and redefining the future of music for the better.

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